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Fibremen 3

International Exhibition of Contemporary
Fibre Art
23 October - 5 November 2013

International exhibition “Fibremen 3”, which took place in Kherson, Ukraine October 23-November 5, 2013 featured male artists working with fibre. This exhibition was designed to broaden the awareness of male fibre art and consider their works within a broader context of art history. The chosen art works created by artists from 10 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, USA).

Fibremen... their creative process has always fascinated me. Unique individuals, they all have much in common – skills, talent, vitality, intelligence. They are often entering competitions together with women textile artists and show their art works publicly. They have worked hard and let their creativity flow outside their studious. They create breathtaking, inspiring works that touch everybody. Their art works is a result of vigour commitment and determination. Main objective of this exhibition is to promote works of male textile professional artists. Women outnumber men in this sphere of art. Women organise exhibitions within their group of communication very quickly and more frequently, than men. That’s why I gave more space for male textile artists.
For me, as an organiser of this exhibition, it was difficult decision to do it or not for the second time. It’s not an easy task to find fibremen who work creatively worldwide.
Why I decided to continue “Fibremen”? 

The main reason is devotion and dedication of male artists to textile art.
As an art critic I know too well all peculiarities of creative life of a textile artist. It’s not a secret, that not all textile artists follow their profession all their life. I have no any right to judge them. That’s their decision, but I always think about those, who continue to follow their chosen profession and reach their goals and improve their professional level.
I am impressed with male textile artists devotion to textile art and highly estimate this character features.
For me the motto of “Fibremen 3” is devotion to textile art. The exhibition offered the viewer both visual and intellectual pleasures. The youngest participant of “Fibremen 3” is 21, the oldest is 66, which confirms the interest to this media of different generations of artists.
Fibremen used a variety of materials and techniques to create their art works. The sizes were from 25 centimeters to up to 3 meters.

Ludmila Egorova
Founder and organizer of the project "SCYTHIA"
Member of ETN
Member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine


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